[CODE] CSGOPolygon for free 500 coins

This code will give you coins to play the roulette CSGOPolygon.

Csgopolygon.com is visually similar to the widely known, but have forgotten csgodouble.com. This roulette in three colors. It’s almost like in a real roulette. You put on one or two colors out of three. In case of victory, when you bet on red or black you will double your bet, and if you win the bet in green, it increase the rate of 14 times.

On the website there is still the Coin Flip. This is the mode in which two people put a certain amount on heads or tails coins, the system then “tosses” the coin and determine the winner, who will receive total bet.

Coin Flip

If you don’t like to put money on such an unpredictable actions, was established and betting on eSports. Here you can bet on the victory of their favorite eSports team CSGO and make a profit based on betting odds. As the rates on this website involves relatively a lot of people here sometimes you can catch very nice odds.

CSGOPolygon betting

[CODE] for CSGOPolygon at 500 coins ($0.5)

On CSGOPolygon.com present a promo code system, so by entering our promo code for CSGOPolygon: “DATAGAME” you will receive a free 500 coins to familiarize with the site!

Instructions on how to redeem on Csgopolygon

How to activate the promo code on Csgopolygon

Click on “Redeem Code”

REDEEM CODE csgopolygon

Next, insert the promo code DATAGAME in the “Promo Code” and click “Redeem Promo Code”

Ввод промокода CSGOPolygon

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