[CODE] for CSGO500 for 1000 free coins

This code will give you coins to play the roulette CSGO500.

Csgo500.com it’s a pretty old roulette-type wheel 4 colors (black doubles the win, red suit, blue increases 5 times and the yellow increases your winnings by 50 times). Especially nice compared to other roulette looks website design. Minimalistic red-and-gray design is like a breath of fresh air after the pompous overloaded roulette from students who only have bigger, brighter. On the website you can find the system invitation codes through which you can get a free 1,000 coins, which is equal to one dollar value of items.

CSGO500 code for 1,000 coins($1)

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Instructions on how to redeem code on CSGO500

how to redeem code on CSGO500

Go to menu “Rewards”, click “Confirm account”.

Активация промокода csgo500

After that insert the code DATAGAME in the field “Use referral code”

Активация промокода csgo500


One of the distinguishing features of this roulette – the existence of levels of player. Each player making a bet will gain experience, which increases his personal level. Every day players receive a bonus of 25. With the increase in the level of the player, the number of daily coins will increase too.

CSGO500 Магазин

In addition to the daily bonus on the website is the raffle. To participate go to the awards tab, choose one of the items and click “Take part”. Don’t forget that to participate you will only be able if you add in the nickname “CSGO500” and partydate on the website.
Another advantage of this roulette – a huge number of various items in the store. Items from 500 to 2500000 coins. Such a rich range of inventory is due to the fact that is multilingual. In the translation of the site interface for csgo500 there are three chat: English, Turkish, Russian and Portuguese. Due to this fact at peak times online reaches 4,500. Chat is only available to the players level 10. This is done to reduce spam and flooding. Another plus — every item you can see the labels and Float value to choose the most successful item for the same cost.

The minimum value of one rate of 10 coins and minimum Deposit amount at 500 coins, equivalent to half a dollar. To output the things You need to have at least first level of the player.

Roulette me repeatedly checked. For all time of use I have not met any bugs and errors.


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