[CODE] for WTFSkins for 0.25 coins

This code will give you coins to play the roulette WTFSkins.

Not long ago, I learned about roulette WTFSkins com. As I understand it is a service from the creators of csgolive service open cases. In total, the site features three modes and is WTFSkins promo code to get 0.25$ — “DATAGAME”.

Modes WTFSkins

  1. Crash Classic crash game to break the curve. You choose the number and if the system selects a number greater than your then your stake is multiplied by this number. This will be your gain, if the system selected number is less than yours, you lose.
  2. Roulette roulette is three colors (Red, black, green)
  3. Upgrades — You put the subject of CS:GO and choose the ratio you want to improve your object (1.5 x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x). The larger the improvement ratio, the less likely to improve the subject.

The fact that this website belongs to the large and well-known site to open a case is rather a plus roulette since the probability of problems with such a major service is minimized. Online for this is also quite high, because fans of roulette, which are enjoyed csgolive now switched to roulette from your favorite website, as they saw the advertisements.

In addition to the promo code the site has a daily distribution of coins. And the higher your level on the website, the more coins you can get daily.

At the moment due to the steam update, which added a seven day trade ban on all items from CS:GO roulette WTFSkins moved to items PUBG. All the items that were on your site can be sold for hard currency and for it you can get equivalent items PUBG. It’s nice that this roulette was among the first to respond to the update from VALVE and returned to all players their funds.

Where to enter the promo code for WTFSkins

To enter code go to “Free” and enter the promo code “DATAGAME”.

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