[CODE] GOdota2 com for free 100 coins

This code will give you coins to play the roulette godota2.

GOdota2 roulette with one game mode, focusing on items DOTA2. Despite this, items from CS:GO still accepted. We have a promo code DOTAx2 100 free coins, which is equivalent to 0,100$ — “CSGODATA”.

The site has chat, but in order to write we must play no less than 50,000 coins. Impressive amount I must say. But probably for the best, right in the chat will be less spammers.

Roulette presents only one mode — roulette in three colors (red,black and green). At the moment it is one of the largest Dota2 roulette.

In addition to the promotional code for the website there is a free daily drawing of coins for adding the name of the site itself in a nickname in STEAM. As seen in the picture below you can win up to 10,000 coins, or not win anything at all.

Where to enter the promo code for DOTAx2

In order to enter a promotion code navigate to the “Redeem Code” in the top menu and enter “CSGODATA” in the field “REFERRAL CODE” .

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