[CODE] GAMDOM for 300 free coins

This code will give you coins to play the roulette GAMDOM.

The popular GAMDOM website has returned after lengthy processing and is again giving the GAMDOM code. Now the site is again filled with people. The overall style of the site has remained the same, but the design and interfaces have changed in detail. The site is also similar to CSGOPolygon. I advise you to also look at it.

There are currently five game modes available on the site:

  1. Crash – Bet on a kink curve. Choose a number and bet in coins. If the computer chooses a number greater than the predicted one, then your bet is multiplied by the selected number and paid to you in the form of a reward.
  2. Roulette – Classic roulette in three colors. Everything is just like everywhere else. The bet on red or black is x2, and the bet on green is x13.
  3. Tradeup – Upgrade mode. Choose an item or set of coins and choose how much you want to improve it. The greater the improvement, the more likely it is to lose.
  4. Hilo – A kind of blackjack variation. The bet is made on the color of the suit, card pool or a specific card. The riskier the bet, the greater the gain.
  5. Jackpot – Jackpot raffle among all participating in the bet.

One of the interesting features of the site is Multitask mode. It allows you to make a split screen and play two games at once. For example, Crash and Roulette!

Режим мультитаск на

CODE GAMDOM for 300 free coins

The site has a bonus system. Enter the “DATAGAME” promo code and you will get 300 free coins on your balance.

To activate the promotional code in the menu on the main page, select “Claim FREE Reward” as in the picture below.

Промокод для GAMDOM на 300 монет

Now enter the “DATAGAME” promo code in the field and click “Use Code”.

Промокод для GAMDOM на 300 монет

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